Best NBA Jerseys: Eastern Conference

Over the years, NBA teams have donned many different jerseys, some good, some bad. Jerseys often capture an era or remind fans of a favorite player, bringing back memories of a franchise’s proudest moments. Today, we take a look back at the best jerseys in each franchise’s respective history.

Philadelphia 76ers


The Allen Iverson era of the 76ers franchise was characterized best by these jerseys. The all black jersey with the red trim was the best of the bunch. Perhaps most associated with Iverson’s step-over of Tyronn Lue, this jersey brings back memories of an epic finals run and combines it with a look that is both subtle and flashy at the same time.

Chicago Bulls


Some things never get old, just like these classic Chicago Bulls’ away jerseys. When you think of the Bulls, you think of these jerseys. They’re relatively simple but the red and black color scheme with a white accent works together perfectly. Why change the jerseys that Michael Jordan won six championships in anyways?

Charlotte Hornets


The uniforms formerly worn by the Charlotte Hornets are some of the nicest in league history. The teal color combined with some simple pinstripes make for a very attractive jersey.

Orlando Magic


Perhaps the most iconic uniforms in the Magic’s brief history are the black, pinstriped uniforms worn by a young Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal. The typeface on the front of the jersey is good-looking and the blue number stands out nicely on the black background.

Boston Celtics


Another classic look, if the Celtics ever redid their jerseys I’d imagine there’d be quite an uproar. Worn since the days of Bill Russell, the green and white jersey has stood the test of time and remains one of the best in the NBA.

Washington Wizards (Bullets)


The Washington Wizards, previously the Bullets, once sported these flashy jerseys. Located in the nation’s capital, the Bullets’ jersey incorporates themes from the American flag. The stars on the shorts are a nice touch to go along with the red and white stripes.

Indiana Pacers


These mid-90s Pacers’ jerseys are the best in franchise history. The typeface on the jersey stands out and locating the number to the side is a nice touch. The diagonal swoosh down the right side catches the eye and puts the uniform over the top.

Milwaukee Bucks


The Bucks’ recently unveiled new uniforms as well as a new logo and it was a major success. The Bucks’ black alternate uniforms are the best, though, with the jersey number located in between the horns of the buck logo on the front. The green trim helps the logo to stand out and tie everything together.

Atlanta Hawks


These retro Hawks’ jerseys are some of the most recognizable in NBA history. The way the typeface and numbering tilt the jersey is very cool. The entire swoosh that wraps across both the jersey and the shorts incorporates all elements of the uniform in a very unique fashion.

Miami Heat


The Miami Heat’s Floridian alternate jerseys are one of my personal favorites. They’re a solid white with a florescent pink and orange stripe down the front and back of the left side. The “Miami” typeface style is excellent and the detail on the pink outline of the numbering accentuates the spectacular uniform.

New York Knicks


Similar to the Knicks current jerseys, these 1980s road jerseys sprinkle in a little extra flare. The white and orange ring around the waste is a really sharp look that keeps the jersey and shorts from running together. The jersey shorts also feature the famous Yankees logo in the bottom left corner.

Brooklyn (New York) Nets


Back in the day when the Brooklyn Nets were the New York Nets, they sported these beauties. These jerseys could have been just another bland away jersey, but when you throw in the stars along the side, it complements the jersey splendidly.

Detroit Pistons


Throughout their history, the Detroit Pistons have maintained a fairly simple uniform design. These classics are no different but they will forever be linked to the “Bad Boy” Pistons. The red and blue colors mesh nicely and the piping puts a bow on it.

Cleveland Cavaliers


The Cleveland Cavaliers have changed their uniforms numerous times since their inception in 1970. The Cavaliers current home and rode uniforms are somewhat bland but the navy-blue alternates are fantastic. The trim matches the numbering on the jersey that contrasts nicely against the navy background.

Toronto Raptors


Who doesn’t love these uniforms? I mean seriously, they’re awesome. The cartoon raptor on the front is goofy but amazing and the “Raptors” typeface goes with it perfectly. The barbwire pinstripes are another nice detail and meshing black accents with purple makes for a great jersey. All put together, it works so well.


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