Just For Kicks

Over the past couple seasons, Draymond Green has developed into one of the best players in the NBA. He has also become infamous for flailing his legs in the air and, you know, kicking people. Draymond claims that his “leg flailing” is a natural motion and that he isn’t trying to kick people. However, others would disagree after watching him do it numerous times.

Draymond Green Kick Tracker:

5. The Irish Jig

In this instance, Draymond backs Allen Crabbe into the lane and gets fouled. But Draymond just couldn’t help himself so he broke into a little Irish jig and his foot smacked Crabbe in the chest. Some may claim it was incidental, some say it was a kick. We may never know.

4. The Backstroke

In game one of the Finals, Draymond Green moves to set a pick on Kyrie Irving. As they come into contact, Draymond acts as if he’s starting a race in a a swimming pool. He launches himself into a backstroke, arms flailing and legs incidentally making contact with Kyrie Irving’s chest.

3. The Toe Touch

I would say this is one of the more unnatural kicks that Draymond has delivered recently, this one coming against the Phoenix Suns. Marquese Chriss reaches in and fouls Draymond. The play is over. Except it isn’t. At least not for Draymond, who decides now would be a good time to stretch. He swings his leg up in the air, trying to touch his toes, and believe it or not, kicks Marquese Chriss in the hand.

2. The Crane Kick

Mr. Miyagi would be proud. This time Draymond was fighting for an offensive rebound. He grabbed the ball and tried to lay it in but on his way down, whips out his best nina move and takes James Harden to the ground. Impressive.

1. The Kick Heard Round the World

The most famous of his collection, this one in the Western Conference Finals, Draymond manages to take down Steven Adams. It’s important to note, Steven Adams is seven feet tall, two hundred and fifty pounds. He grew up in New Zealand, the youngest of 18 siblings, playing rugby throughout his childhood. And with one fell swoop, Draymond downed Steven Adams. No one is safe.


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